This is the new home of my New Greyhawk Campaign. This will be run starting in D&D Basic and It will progress to an almost 1st edition game. Or I should say a heavily home ruled first edition game.

Home rule/3.5 ideas to be added:
more spells from all sources (strongly cut for game balance), each class will have its own spell list. Each deity will have their own spell list.

more magic items from all sources (strongly cut for game balance)

all d20 equipment from all sources (strongly cut for game balance)

magic item creation based on d20 creation but with home rule % of success/goal achieved. the idea is that magic is not science and even if you do it all the same it may not give the same results.

the ‘classes’ will be limited to ONLY cleric, Druid, Fighter, Ranger, Magic-user, Specialist Wizards, Thief, and Specialist Thief.

PC races are limited to ONLY; human, hobbit/half-ling, dwarfs, elves, half-elves, and gnomes (steam-punk level science).

Stats are limited to moral maximum of 19! A magic item can give access to higher stats but the mortal being, even magic enhanced can only rise to 19. IE: a girdle of giant strength give a functional strength of over 19 but when the belt is removed your strength is normal. reading a tome of +5 strength can only raise you by 5 if your strength is originally 14 or less because it will top out at 19 no matter what.

I will use the skills from 3.5 (and adding much more) BUT i am redoing the skill points system and ranking system. the ranks are not 1 point=1 rank. each rank is exponentially more expensive. Basically you would have to dedicate you whole life to one skill to get it to level 5 (the MAX). also skill points are gained based on your race, age, and average mental ability score. the older your are, the shorter your racial life span, your race’s level of lawfulness/dedication level and the higher your AVERAGE mental ability score is the more skill points you get. (note Elves are known for being less focused so less skill points, dwarfs are more focused so more points, humans learn faster so more points, half-lings are more comfort than drive so less points, etc)

Rachael's New Greyhawk